Founder's story behind Monixir

I have been dealing with eczema since I was a baby and have experimented with various methods to alleviate its symptoms over the years. Being cautious about the use of steroids, I have been searching for a long-term solution. My struggle with eczema has not only involved inflamed and itchy skin but also relentless dryness. I have tried numerous brands of moisturizers for sensitive skin, but either they caused sensitivity reactions or provided temporary relief, with my skin reverting back to its original dry condition shortly after application.

The turning point came when my hand skin became so dry that it would crack and ooze with the slightest finger movement. Fueled by a lifelong pursuit of solutions, I began creating my own hand creams. Carefully selecting natural ingredients from thoroughly researched suppliers and avoiding chemical irritants, my goal was to formulate a soothing and deeply moisturizing cream that would address the two primary concerns associated with eczema skin: inflammation and dryness. This endeavor proved to be life-changing. Just when I doubted that my skin barrier could ever recover, my hand skin now looks remarkably better. And thus, the story of Monixir began.

Monixir was founded in 2023. The name, carefully chosen, reflects the founder's social media presence through the nickname "monyandj." By blending "moni" and "elixir," Monixir was born—a name that symbolizes the profound search for an elixir, a solution, and the association of these creams with that transformative essence.

Realizing that if I could help myself, I could help others, I received validation when my creams were used by individuals with skin conditions such as psoriasis, who also reported positive results. My very first customer, a man suffering from severe psoriasis since his time in the army under extreme stress, was skeptical due to the lack of success with previous treatments. However, upon using my creams, he attested that they were among the few products that had genuinely provided relief in his 50-year struggle with psoriasis. Furthermore, individuals who have used my cream expressed that it absorbed more effectively compared to other natural creams and ointments they had previously tried. They also praised the delightful natural aromas, the feel and the visual appeal. Moreover, even individuals without severe skin issues who tried my hand cream reported significant improvements. They reported their skin became moisturized, silky soft, and free from cracking. In essence, I have had people with various conditions, including eczema, baby eczema, psoriasis, severely cracked skin, elderly skin, and even individuals with naturally healthy skin who prioritize skincare, test my cream.

I view my creams as nourishment for the skin. With a focus on providing nourishment, soothing, deep moisturization, as well as protection, I extend an invitation to you to join this journey and experience them firsthand.

Currently, we offer three varieties of creams, all possessing moisturizing and soothing properties but with slight differences to cater to various needs. The original cream is fragrance and color-free, apart from the natural coconut scent derived from the coconut ingredient. The hibiscus cream boasts a beautiful pink color derived from hibiscus plants and a subtle vanilla aroma reminiscent of bubble gum. I have meticulously chosen the highest quality vanilla oil, which can be applied directly to the skin undiluted. Lastly, the best-selling green matcha and mint cream is designed to be soothing and cooling, with a fresh, natural mint fragrance.

I am genuinely interested to learn which variety resonates with your preferences. Your input is valuable to us as we continue on this skincare journey. I invite you to be part of our community and embark on this exciting adventure with us.

Our mission

We are committed to enhancing our customers' confidence and helping them feel good about their skin through the use of nourishing, soothing and protective natural ingredients for a beautiful, healthy complexion.